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Volunteers at Cancer of Many Colors are approaching the annual Evening of Hope celebration, and they’ve stood far from idle since last year’s fundraiser. The Lexington-based nonprofit, led by cancer survivor Paulette Criscione, has earned 501(c)(3) status and grown its calendar of events to gather more donations for Midlands families.

Criscione has been able to expand Cancer of Many Colors’ board of directors and base of volunteers with the support of the local community. She also has organized new sports-themed fundraisers like the upcoming Shoot for a Cure through her connections as the sports marketing director at the Lexington County Recreation & Aging Commission.

Cancer of Many Colors was born out of the Criscione family’s experiences with cancer, from Paulette’s battle with breast and lung cancer to her brother Jay’s throat and bile duct cancer diagnosis. Paulette’s father and other brother Richard also were diagnosed with cancer.

Criscione said she specifically founded her nonprofit to bring awareness to all types, or “colors,” of cancer and to support patients going through different stages of treatment. Cancer of Many Colors is designed to meet the everyday needs of patients like transportation costs, utility bills, groceries and lodging for out-of-town doctor’s appointments. ...

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