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" Cancer of Many Colors graciously came to Diana’s aid.  Thank you Cancer of Many Colors for caring and helping Diana. "

Debra Davis
RN Case Manager

Paulette with brothers Jay (left) and Richard (right)

Cancer of Many Colors, Inc. is a non-profit Lexington, SC based organization dedicated to helping local cancer survivors with their daily living expenses and emergency needs.​

Founded in 2014 by Paulette Criscione, Cancer of Many Colors, Inc. (CMC) was created in honor of the Criscione family to help bring awareness to all cancers. Most cancers have its own color. For the Crisciones, Paulette and her father John were diagnosed with breast cancer (pink). John passed away in 1981. Her brother Richard diagnosed with leukemia (orange) died in 2007 and brother Jay, diagnosed with throat cancer (burgundy/ivory) in 2006 passed away with bile duct cancer (Kelly Green) in 2009. Paulette was diagnosed with lung (white) in 2011. Both Paulette and Jay tested positive for BRCA 2, a genetic mutation. Hence, Cancer of Many Colors was created.

"Cancer is universal. In one way or another it impacts all of us."
As a survivor and a caregiver, Paulette knows the financial burden cancer treatments can place on individuals and their families. She started the CMC Foundation, to raise funds for others in her local community, to reduce the financial hardships that cancer can cause. She also takes the stewardship of the public’s trust very seriously when raising funds. With the continued dedication of the community, Cancer of Many Colors continues to grow as an organization with the goal of becoming a major resource for the Midlands. 

To request an application, please contact info@cancerofmanycolors.com

Requirements: You have to be a resident of South Carolina living in the counties of Lexington, Richland, Saluda, Kershaw, Newberry, Fairfield, Orangeburg, Calhoun, Chester and Sumter. You will need a statement from your physician, patient advocate or social worker.  All gifts are paid directly to vendor. 

There is no one "Cancer."
The same cancer type in one individual is very different from that cancer in another individual. Within a single type of cancer, such as breast cancer, researchers are discovering subtypes that each requires a different treatment approach. As researchers learn more and more about the nature of the disease, we're reminded of how complex it is, and how much more we need to know. But whatever the specific type, all cancer profoundly challenges the men and women who are fighting it. Their struggle touches all of the people in their lives: husbands, wives, and partners; parents, children, sisters and brothers; caregivers; co-workers, friends and neighbors.